WWE Icon Discusses Promotion Goals After 'Wrestlers' Netflix Docuseries


WWE Icon Discusses Promotion Goals After 'Wrestlers' Netflix Docuseries
WWE Icon Discusses Promotion Goals After 'Wrestlers' Netflix Docuseries © ifrequire/YouTube

In light of the acclaimed 'Wrestlers' docuseries on Netflix, Al Snow, a former WWE Superstar and co-owner of Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), has expressed his visionary aspirations for the legendary wrestling promotion. Released earlier this month, the seven-part series delves deep into the inner workings of OVW, and Snow's unyielding commitment to sustaining its legacy.

Speaking candidly on Road Dogg's "Oh...You Didn't Know" podcast, Snow articulated his ambition for OVW: a revitalized regional wrestling powerhouse. "My overarching vision is to evolve OVW into a vibrant regional hub. By elevating our talent pool and intensifying our production quality, I'm aiming to offer our audience a national wrestling experience on a local budget.

Unlike the hefty tickets at major WWE events, OVW aims to be more pocket-friendly, given our leaner overheads," Snow remarked, as cited by Wrestling Inc.

OVW: Beyond Wrestling

The 'Wrestlers' docuseries has transcended boundaries, resonating not only with wrestling aficionados but also with global viewers.

Such a widespread reception underscores OVW's potential to be more than just a wrestling academy; it's a beacon for aspirants. Drawing from OVW's esteemed past – once WWE's developmental ground from 1999 to 2008 – Snow is motivated to redefine its purpose.

In his podcast dialogue, he emphasized, "My primary objective is twofold: firstly, to nurture and hone emerging talent; and secondly, to ensure that seasoned wrestlers, after their prime on bigger platforms, still find a conducive space in OVW to continue earning." Al Snow's unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing and sustainable environment for all wrestlers, whether they're industry veterans or fresh faces, stands out prominently.

His hands-on leadership approach and clear vision for the future position Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) on a promising trajectory. Truly, with Snow at the helm, the future of OVW looks brighter than ever.