Adam Cole Highlights Pat McAfee's Unique WWE Style vs. Other Celebs

McAfee's rapid rise grabs Adam Cole's genuine admiration.

by Noman Rasool
Adam Cole Highlights Pat McAfee's Unique WWE Style vs. Other Celebs
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Very few celebrities transition smoothly into the ring in the high-octane world of professional wrestling. However, Pat McAfee is one celebrity who has defied this norm, finding his footing with enviable ease in the world of pro wrestling.

Adam Cole, the wrestling superstar who was once pitted against McAfee, delved deep into the reasons behind McAfee's immediate success during his insightful conversation on the "Inside The Ropes" show. With an evident sense of respect, Cole spoke about McAfee's inherent understanding of the intricate nuances of wrestling.

"Pat has been an avid viewer of pro wrestling for years, which provided him with an intuitive grasp of certain subtleties that most newcomers take ages to comprehend," remarked Cole. He believes that McAfee's multifaceted background, encompassing a rich sporting history, impressive oratory skills, and longstanding reverence for pro wrestling, moulded him into the wrestler he is today.

Cole Praises McAfee's Talent

"While I always had faith in his prowess," Cole continued, "witnessing him surpass everyone's expectations was genuinely heartening. Given his limited experience, it's undeniable that McAfee is extraordinarily talented." The AEW sensation then offered an interesting perspective on celebrities venturing into wrestling.

He noted, "In the numerous celebrity matches we've witnessed, it's clear that those who've been fans of pro wrestling their entire lives showcase a more refined, authentic presence in the ring. Their genuine passion translates into their performance." Cole, a former "NXT" Champion, emphasized this by reflecting on his journey, underscoring that mastering the craft of wrestling is a lifelong endeavour.

"It's a realm where learning never ceases. Even with over a decade under my belt, every match offers a new lesson," he shared. It's worth noting that Cole was McAfee's initiation into WWE, facing him back in 2020. Since then, McAfee's wrestling trajectory has been nothing short of spectacular.

He has clashed with some of the industry's biggest names, including Vince McMahon, Austin Theory, Baron Corbin, and, notably, The Miz in the illustrious WrestleMania 39. Pat McAfee's journey in WWE is a testament to what passion and proper training can achieve.

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