Michaels Eyes CM Punk's Star Power for NXT

Unexpected twists rock the wrestling world as Punk departs AEW.

by Noman Rasool
Michaels Eyes CM Punk's Star Power for NXT
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Ahead of the upcoming episode of Collision on September 2nd, shocking news emerged from the wrestling world: AEW has officially terminated CM Punk’s contract. This abrupt decision came in the wake of an altercation between Punk and Jack Perry backstage at the All In event.

Tony Khan, AEW’s President, spoke out about the termination, revealing that it wasn’t a unilateral move on his part. Rather, the decision was taken post deliberations with a disciplinary council, coupled with legal advice.

Khan took full accountability, emphasizing the seriousness of the incident and the need for a decisive response. This unforeseen turn of events has the wrestling community buzzing with speculations. A primary topic of discussion is the possibility of Punk making a dramatic return to WWE, where he had a rather tumultuous exit in 2014.

Fans might recall the dramatic move by WWE, serving Punk his termination papers on the very day he was tying the knot with WWE starlet AJ Lee. While past relations between Punk and WWE might be characterized as stormy, recent events point towards a potential thaw.

Earlier this year, in a surprising twist, Punk was seen conversing with Triple H during a WWE Raw episode in Chicago. As insiders note, the decision to welcome Punk back to WWE lies primarily with Triple H and WWE’s Chief Revenue Officer, Nick Khan.

Michaels Speaks Out

Amidst these discussions, wrestling legend Shawn Michaels threw his hat in the ring during a media call for NXT No Mercy. When questioned by Nick Hausman from Haus of Wrestling about his take on CM Punk’s potential return, Michaels was candid.

“I’ve always had a soft corner for Phil (CM Punk),” said Michaels. Drawing parallels between their personalities, Michaels recalled a touching moment when Punk had shown him an autograph he had once secured from Michaels.

“I understand that he has a unique personality. Some find him challenging, but that’s probably why we get along,” he added. Michaels ended on a strategic note, highlighting Punk's undeniable market value. “He’s a draw.

The company will weigh the pros and cons, but if it were up to me, having him on NXT? Absolutely." As the story unfolds, fans and critics alike await the next chapter in CM Punk’s wrestling saga. Will WWE's doors open once again for the Second City Savior? Only time will tell.

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