Jim Ross Suggests WWE Training for Jade Cargill


Jim Ross Suggests WWE Training for Jade Cargill
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The wrestling realm is notorious for its thinly veiled secrets, but one event that almost everyone saw coming was Jade Cargill's transition from AEW to WWE. The former TBS Champion's brief return to AEW television - which included a title rematch against Kris Statlander which she did not secure - raised eyebrows.

Following this match, Cargill reportedly bid her farewells backstage. This farewell was solidified when she was subsequently delisted from AEW's official roster page. Earlier this week, the wrestling grapevine was set abuzz with WWE's announcement.

Jade Cargill has officially inked a multi-year deal with the premier wrestling company and has embarked on her journey at the esteemed Performance Center.

Ross Praises Performance Center

Jim Ross, a veteran commentator and wrestling connoisseur, opened up about Cargill's transition and the significance of WWE's Performance Center on his "Grilling JR" podcast.

Ross shared his appreciation for the state-of-the-art training facility and its crucial role in sculpting wrestling talents. Drawing attention to his shared endorsement with Triple H, Ross stated, "The Performance Center offers invaluable ring time, top-tier coaching, discipline, and a holistic developmental environment.

The establishment of NXT stands out as one of WWE's stellar achievements." Expanding on Jade Cargill's potential and her journey ahead, Ross emphasized the importance of her extensive tenure at the Performance Center. "Jade Cargill, despite her undeniable talent, would greatly benefit from an extended stay at the Performance Center," he expressed.

Ross believes that with the exemplary coaching and consistent in-ring practice available at NXT, Cargill can truly elevate her prowess. He lauded the trainers at NXT and the Performance Center, emphasizing their role in honing several wrestling stars.

Concluding his thoughts, Ross reiterated, "The ultimate goal of the Performance Center is star production. Under Triple H's guidance, it has been instrumental in launching numerous wrestling luminaries." As Jade Cargill embarks on this new chapter, fans and wrestling aficionados await to see her transformation and growth under the banner of WWE.

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