Ex-WWE MITB Winner Suspected as Jay White's Attacker: Tommy Dreamer Weighs In


Ex-WWE MITB Winner Suspected as Jay White's Attacker: Tommy Dreamer Weighs In
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This week's explosive episode of AEW Dynamite concluded with a gripping cliffhanger, sparking debate and wild theories throughout the pro-wrestling community. The center of this storm? A masked individual who brazenly attacked Jay White, leaving fans and insiders alike scratching their heads.

Prominent among the rumor mill, the wrestling world's virtual grapevine, is that the masked assailant could be none other than WWE Hall of Famer and former MITB winner, Edge. Recent buzz indicates that the "Rated-R Superstar" might be transitioning to AEW, fueling further speculation.

Dreamer's Contrary Take

However, Tommy Dreamer, the iconic ECW Champion known as "The Innovator of Violence," weighed in with his theory on Busted Open Radio. While fans are quick to link Edge to the mask, Dreamer offered a different perspective: "The end of AEW [Dynamite] presented us with a riveting cliffhanger.

We've seen MJF don that mask previously, but I doubt he'd ambush Jay White, even after his ominous 'You don't know what I'm capable of.' We need to consider the identities of the other four men, assuming MJF was one of them.

There's plenty of speculations. Could it be Adam Cole hiding under the mask, revealing he isn't injured? While many believe it's Edge, I have my reservations." Intriguingly, Bully Ray, another wrestling aficionado, has a different theory.

On the same radio show, Ray conjectured that the attacker might be a recently-released WWE superstar, Mustafa Ali. Stirring the pot further, he suggested a potential reformation of the infamous "Retribution" faction within the AEW ranks.

Ray asserted, "I'm convinced it's Mustafa Ali. A Retribution reunion in AEW? Mark my words, it's unfolding; just be patient. Retribution is going All Elite." The mystery surrounding the identity of Jay White's attacker has undeniably captured the wrestling world's imagination.

As the narrative continues to develop, especially Jay White's storyline with AEW World Champion MJF, fans are eagerly awaiting the unmasking and the subsequent drama it promises. Only time will reveal the masked menace's true identity.

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