WWE Heel to Turn Babyface for One-Night Special Event

From rookie to spotlight: Waller's journey in WWE 2023.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Heel to Turn Babyface for One-Night Special Event
© WWE/YouTube

In an intriguing development ahead of WWE's anticipated return to Australia, Bronson Reed recently dropped hints about the possibility of performing as a face character. The announcement comes as the wrestling community gears up for WWE Elimination Chamber, scheduled for February 24, 2024, at Optus Stadium in Perth, Australia.

This grand event will mark the company's first major appearance in Australia since the memorable Super Show-Down back in October 6, 2018. Reed's statement wasn't isolated. Sydney-born superstar Grayson Waller, during his exchange with Australia's SEN network, alluded to a temporary departure from his heel persona.

Waller noted, "Although we Aussies often jest about regional rivalries, we rally behind our own when they're in the spotlight, regardless of the domain. And for this special occasion, I'm willing to turn babyface for the night."

Waller's Meteoric Rise

Waller's rise within WWE's echelons in 2023 has been nothing short of meteoric.

At 33, he's shared the screen with wrestling legends such as Edge and John Cena, establishing himself as a name to watch. However, the shift in character alignment wasn't just a spontaneous decision. The UFC event on February 12, where Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski squared off against Islam Makhachev at UFC 284, played a significant role.

Even though Volkanovski hails from Wollongong, a location over 2,000 miles from Perth, the crowd's support for him was palpable. Waller confessed that this UFC bout altered his perspective. He said, "Years ago, I'd have sworn allegiance only to Sydney.

But after witnessing the sheer energy of the Perth crowd during Volkanovski's match – it was a game-changer. Their unwavering support was electrifying, and I felt it all the way back home." This forthcoming WWE event promises thrilling twists and turns, not just in the ring but also in the very characters the fans have grown to adore or despise.

The anticipation is mounting, and it's clear that for Reed and Waller, home ground means playing a different tune, even if it's just for one unforgettable night.