Edge Shocking WWE Move: Career & Company's Future Uncertain


Edge Shocking WWE Move: Career & Company's Future Uncertain
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WWE enthusiasts were met with a jolt of surprise when they stumbled upon recent updates concerning the contract status of the Rated-R Superstar, Edge. His last bout with WWE, which took place against Sheamus, was heavily speculated to be his swansong before bidding adieu to the ring.

Contrary to these speculations, whispers in the wrestling world now hint that Edge may be gearing up for more in-ring confrontations, with AEW being the potential new home.

Edge's WWE Departure?

PWInsider, a trusted source in wrestling news, recently reported that the 49-year-old legend, Edge, whose real name is Adam 'Edge' Copeland, has been pulled from the WWE's internal roster.

Although his profile is still visible on the official WWE roster page, behind-the-scenes maneuvers indicate a departure. "Adam 'Edge' Copeland, set to see his contract lapse by week's end, has been shifted off the Misc. section of WWE's internal list," read the PWInsider report.

This surprising turn of events quickly garnered traction on social media platforms, with Wrestling News spotlighting this on Twitter. The tweet became a hotbed of activity as fans poured in their reactions. Many were bewildered by the notion of Edge not renewing ties with the Stamford-based WWE, while others expressed reservations about him potentially crossing over to AEW.

Amidst this whirlwind of speculations, WWE Superstar Grayson Waller expressed a burning desire to face Edge in the squared circle once again. In a candid chat with Australian radio station SEN, Waller reminisced about their epic face-off at Madison Square Garden.

"That encounter was monumental: a main event, my debut on the main roster, and my comeback match post a leg injury," Waller stated. "It was Edge versus a 70 percent fit Grayson Waller. If that was me at 70 percent, imagine what I'd bring at my peak.

I eagerly await another bout with Edge when I'm fully primed," he added. As the wrestling community waits with bated breath, Edge's next move, whether within WWE or a new horizon at AEW, promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats.