Matt Riddle Faces Backlash for Unscripted WWE Remarks


Matt Riddle Faces Backlash for Unscripted WWE Remarks
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Former WWE superstar Matt Riddle, fondly remembered for his impactful time as part of the RK-Bro tag team alongside Randy Orton, now finds himself in the headlines for reasons other than his in-ring prowess. The duo's synergy brought them unparalleled success, clinching multiple tag team championships.

But, as fate would have it, their victorious journey was cut short after Orton suffered a grave back injury, putting his entire wrestling future under a cloud of uncertainty. However, the real storm brewed when Riddle, in an emotional moment, veered off from the script during a heartfelt promo.

Sources from Wrestling Observer Newsletter highlight that "The Original Bro" shed light on Orton's pain before the pre-planned segment where The Usos symbolically banished "The Viper" from WWE television. While many hailed Riddle's candor as a fresh departure from typical kayfabe storylines, insiders reveal that it was a stark divergence from WWE's scripted blueprint.

Riddle's Downward Spiral

The aftermath of this incident shifted the narrative for Riddle. The wrestling circuit observed his transformation from a dominant competitor to more of a placeholder for up-and-coming heels. This was evident from his repeated losses to the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Gunther, and a notable defeat against the cunning Seth Rollins in the marquee event 'Clash at the Castle'

Post his departure, Riddle is bound by the customary 90-day no-compete clause, which means fans may have to bide their time until December 2023 to see him make his mark in another wrestling promotion. However, the ever-enthusiastic former United States Champion is far from being dormant.

Generating a buzz in the wrestling community, Riddle recently tantalized his followers with hints of an upcoming project, posting teasers marked "coming soon" across his social channels. As the wrestling world remains poised to witness Riddle's next chapter, his undeniable talent ensures that he will remain a focal point in any promotion he chooses to grace.

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