Triple Threat Match for WWE Women's Title Announced for Fastlane Event.


Triple Threat Match for WWE Women's Title Announced for Fastlane Event.
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WWE fans are in for an electrifying evening come October 7th as Fastlane sets the stage for a grand showdown. The latest edition of "WWE SmackDown" dropped a bombshell of an announcement, revealing a Triple Threat Match for the prestigious Women's Championship.

Champion IYO SKY is set to defend her title against two of WWE's top-tier superstars: Charlotte Flair and Asuka. This announcement was preceded by an intense episode of "SmackDown". Charlotte Flair, also known as "The Queen", had a gripping bout against Bayley.

Before the fight, Flair, with her signature bravado, addressed the audience and questioned the absence of Damage CNTRL's leader. With a victorious sparkle in her eyes, she declared her intention to challenge SKY after her victory over Bayley.

Flair's Bold Fastlane Confrontation

And challenge she did. Flair managed to outmanoeuvre Bayley, taking her down with a devastating spear. As Bayley regained her composure, she fired back at Flair, arguing that she didn't deserve to demand a title shot instantly.

In her passionate rant, she vowed to end Flair's aspirations. But before she could move, the unmistakable notes of Asuka's entrance theme echoed through the arena. The "Empress of Tomorrow" made a dramatic appearance, rushing down to the ring and joining forces with Flair.

Together, the duo managed to fend off an attempted ambush by Bayley, SKY, and Dakota Kai. Asuka then took to the microphone, uttering a few phrases in Japanese. In her typical jesting manner, Bayley feigned comprehension and announced Asuka's inclusion in the title match against SKY at Fastlane.

With Flair and Asuka standing united and satisfied, SKY's bewilderment at the turn of events was palpable. But that wasn't all the evening had in store. Another significant reveal for Fastlane came when LA Knight inked a contract presented by the iconic John Cena.

Knight is now slated to face the formidable Bloodline in a thrilling tag team match. Wrestling enthusiasts have marked their calendars for Fastlane at the majestic Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. The anticipation is palpable, promising an unforgettable showdown.