Matt Hardy: Jade Cargill's AEW Exit Was Perfectly Timed


Matt Hardy: Jade Cargill's AEW Exit Was Perfectly Timed
Matt Hardy: Jade Cargill's AEW Exit Was Perfectly Timed © WWE/Youtube

In what can only be described as one of the most pivotal moves in contemporary wrestling, Jade Cargill has bid farewell to AEW to join the ranks of WWE. This strategic decision, which was made public on September 26th, has been championed by the star as a “no-brainer,” with WWE promising her an expanse of "endless opportunities”.

The wrestling community has rallied behind Cargill, echoing the sentiment that she possesses the potential to rise through WWE's ranks and etch her name amongst its legends.

Hardy Praises WWE Move

Matt Hardy, a veteran wrestler with a keen understanding of the dynamics of the industry, shared his insights on the recent episode of his ‘Extreme Life’ podcast.

According to Hardy, WWE's endeavor to amplify the importance of Cargill's signing will propel her to the zenith of stardom. He commented, “WWE is masterfully leveraging her talent, giving her a grand stage to rocket to unparalleled heights”.

Detailing her trajectory in AEW, Hardy posited that Cargill's decision was perfectly timed. “She had been on a dominant streak in AEW, only tasting defeat twice. Her decision to leave, especially post her TBS Championship loss to Kris Statlander, couldn't have been more strategic,” Hardy added.

Tapping into Vince McMahon's vision for WWE stars, Hardy believes Cargill is a quintessential fit. “She epitomizes what Vince looks for in a wrestler. Tall, striking, athletic, and muscular - she's the complete package.

There's palpable excitement about her WWE journey,” Hardy remarked. However, the wrestling luminary also highlighted an area where Cargill might face challenges. In AEW, she reigned supreme in shorter matches, but her prowess in longer, main event-type matches remains to be seen.

Hardy emphasized, “The real test lies in her ability to captivate audiences in extended bouts. That's the arena she needs to conquer”. As wrestling enthusiasts keenly watch Jade Cargill's next steps, her journey from AEW to WWE promises to be one for the history books.

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