Ex-WWE Star Questions Hulk Hogan's Morning Routine

Wrestling icon reflects on career choices and physical toll.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Star Questions Hulk Hogan's Morning Routine
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Hulk Hogan, renowned as one of the wrestling world's true icons, has faced significant health challenges over the years, notably serious back issues. The root of many of these problems can be traced back to Hogan's signature move, the Leg Drop, which, while sealing numerous victories for him in the squared circle, also brought him immense physical pain.

Reflecting on his own career injuries and the physical toll of professional wrestling, Maven, a former WWE Superstar, recently voiced his astonishment and concern regarding Hogan's enduring health challenges. Recounting his observations from his wrestling days, Maven said, "I recall witnessing colleagues limping or discussing their pain.

I always believed I'd be exempt from such predicaments. Observing wrestlers continuing even in their 50s and 60s, I often wondered how they managed." Dwelling further on Hogan's predicament, Maven expressed, "Considering Hogan, who underwent extensive spine realignment and has a supporting cage in his back, I'm left in awe pondering how he manages to rise each morning.

My spine has its imperfections, but the magnitude of Hogan's issues is incomprehensible." Maven pinpointed 2017 as the moment he realized the irreversible impact wrestling had on his physique.

Hogan's Finisher Regret

Meanwhile, Hogan's retrospection has been tinged with regret, specifically surrounding his iconic finisher.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani, the wrestling legend conveyed his wish to have chosen a different move during his prime. He lamented, "Possessing the world's largest arms, why did I consistently opt for the leg drop, jeopardizing my back? Why not capitalize on these arms and use the sleeper hold?" Hogan's sentiments underscore the sacrifices and consequences many wrestlers face, prompting introspection on the longevity and health of the sport's greatest champions. The hope remains that younger generations heed these lessons, ensuring their longevity in and out of the ring.

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