Jimmy Uso 4 Bold Jabs at Roman Reigns on SmackDown

Dynamics shift as Jimmy Uso challenges Roman Reigns' throne.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jimmy Uso 4 Bold Jabs at Roman Reigns on SmackDown
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With the recent events unfurling on SmackDown, Jimmy Uso is undeniably making waves, taking deliberate potshots at the seemingly vulnerable Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. Since their intense face-off, where Jey Uso declared a severance from the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and The Bloodline, the dynamics seem to have shifted dramatically.

SmackDown's episode on August 11 saw unparalleled drama, hinting at an evolving narrative. Reigns' mysterious absence from the WWE scene has left fans ruminating, while his trusty advisor, Paul Heyman, tries to keep everyone abreast of the situation.

Amidst this chaos, Jimmy Uso is evidently carving a niche for himself. Let’s dive deep into the calculated taunts Jimmy Uso has thrown in Reigns' direction:

4. Jimmy's Unilateral Actions

In the wake of Jey's surprising switch to RAW, Jimmy has been anything but dormant.

During Cena's reflective moment, he audaciously confronted John Cena about his WWE journey. Moreover, this once revered Tag Team Champion has been on a backstage rampage with Solo Sikoa by his side. Heyman, the astute strategist, however, is wary of this drift and aims to realign Jimmy and Solo with The Bloodline's goals.

3. Jimmy’s Role as Solo Sikoa's Strategist

The alliance between Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa has been nothing short of destructive, leaving a trail of battered opponents, including John Cena and AJ Styles. Even though their strategy took a hit with LA Knight joining forces with Styles, it's evident that Jimmy is the mastermind behind their actions.

His newfound authority mimics the power once exercised by Roman Reigns.

2. Subliminal Messages in the Entrance Theme

The Uso brothers recently unveiled individual entrance themes, departing from their tag-team days. Observant fans couldn't help but notice Roman Reigns-inspired motifs in Jimmy Uso's titantron – a clear indication of Jimmy's aspirations to claim Reigns' coveted throne.

1. Jimmy’s Blatant Mimicry of Reigns

In a recent SmackDown episode, as Heyman addressed the audience about the October 7 match, Jimmy audaciously imitated Reigns by extending his hand in Reigns' signature move. A moment of tension passed before Heyman relented.

Jimmy's confidence in mimicking and mocking The Tribal Chief reinforces that he's not just challenging the authority but eyeing the core of Reigns' identity.

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