Triple Threat Match for WWE Women Championship at Fastlane Announced


Triple Threat Match for WWE Women Championship at Fastlane Announced
Triple Threat Match for WWE Women Championship at Fastlane Announced © WWE/YouTube

In a recent electrifying episode of "WWE SmackDown," a major announcement regarding the upcoming Fastlane event on October 7 left fans at the edge of their seats. IYO SKY, the reigning WWE Women's Champion, will be defending her title in a high-stakes triple threat match against two of WWE's premier athletes, Charlotte Flair and Asuka.

Setting the stage for this announcement was an intense encounter on "SmackDown." Prior to facing Bayley in the ring, Charlotte Flair, famously known as "The Queen," took a moment to address the crowd. She boldly inquired about the whereabouts of Damage CNTRL's leader, and with audacious confidence, declared her intent to challenge SKY post her match against Bayley.

True to her word, "The Queen" emerged victorious against Bayley, executing a precise spear.

Drama After Victory

Yet, drama ensued post-match. Bayley, incensed by Flair's victory, boldly stated that Flair didn't have the privilege to jump the queue for a title shot.

Bayley even went as far as threatening to end Flair's run. But just as tensions reached a fever pitch, the arena's atmosphere changed. The signature tune of "The Empress of Tomorrow," Asuka, resonated through the stadium. In a swift motion, she alongside Flair confronted Bayley, SKY, and Dakota Kai, who had encircled the ring, forcing them to retreat.

Taking the mic, Asuka expressed herself in Japanese. Bayley, seizing a humorous moment, feigned comprehension and jokingly added Asuka to the title challenge against SKY at Fastlane, confirming the triple threat match. The news was met with elation by Flair and Asuka, while SKY's bewildered expression directed towards her stable's leader spoke volumes.

Moreover, "SmackDown" offered another tantalizing teaser for the Fastlane event. LA Knight inked a contract presented by none other than the legendary John Cena, sealing a tag team bout against the formidable Bloodline. With these matches on the horizon, Fastlane, set to emanate from the majestic Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, promises to be a must-watch spectacle.


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