LA Knight Joins John Cena for Fastlane Tag-Team on SmackDown


LA Knight Joins John Cena for Fastlane Tag-Team on SmackDown
LA Knight Joins John Cena for Fastlane Tag-Team on SmackDown © WWE/YouTube

It was a night of grand returns and nail-biting drama on "WWE SmackDown" this past Friday. LA Knight, after a bout with COVID that kept him off the show, made an explosive return. Just the week before, AJ Styles and John Cena felt the wrath of the Bloodline duo - Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

But this week, as Cena was cornered and vulnerable, the familiar notes of Knight's entrance music sent waves of excitement through the Sacramento crowd.

John Cena's Fastlane Dilemma

The climax of the evening saw John Cena addressing the "SmackDown" audience, torn between two choices.

With Fastlane scheduled for October 7th, John Cena lamented about his dilemma of heading into the much-anticipated event without an ally against Sikoa and Uso. Posing a heartfelt query to the fans, the man whose motto is "never give up", declared his undying spirit, insisting he'd face the Bloodline, even if it meant a challenging handicapped match.

Just as John Cena resilient spirit echoed through the arena, Uso, accompanied by Sikoa and the astute Paul Heyman, descended to the ring. With a confident stride and menacing intentions, Jimmy Uso warned John Cena of the impending doom at Fastlane.

As tensions heightened, and Cena's chances seemed bleak with Uso positioning him on the announce desk for Solo Sikoa's impending Splash, LA Knight's music sliced through the tension. Bursting onto the scene, LA Knight wasted no time.

A whirlwind of punches and kicks sent The Bloodline reeling, and Cena found an unexpected savior. Amidst the adrenaline and chaos, the two stood tall, staring each other down, sealing their newfound partnership. In a climactic gesture, Knight inked his commitment on the very contract Cena had deliberated over, thereby confirming their alliance against Sikoa and Uso at Fastlane.

With less than a fortnight to go, the WWE Universe is buzzing with anticipation. The tables have turned, and the Fastlane stage is set for an electrifying face-off.

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