D-Von Dudley Discusses Potential Wrestling Return Talks


D-Von Dudley Discusses Potential Wrestling Return Talks
D-Von Dudley Discusses Potential Wrestling Return Talks © WrestlingNewsCo/YouTube

D-Von Dudley, one half of the legendary Dudley Boyz tag team, has recently dispelled rumors about his full-time return to the wrestling ring, despite making a recent appearance alongside Bubba Ray Dudley. In a candid interview with Mike Johnson for PWInsider Elite, D-Von set the record straight about the speculations concerning his comeback.

In the discussion, Dudley confirmed, "There's no contractual agreement in the works. Neither Impact Wrestling nor any other promotion has approached me regarding a return." He further emphasized that any talks of re-entering the squared circle were primarily between him and Bubba Ray, saying, "Bubba and I mulled over the idea of possibly taking this forward."

Family Before Wrestling

However, any decisions about his potential return would involve deeper considerations.

D-Von expressed that he'd need to discuss it extensively with his family, emphasizing the importance of his health and well-being above all. He remains open-minded, though, saying, "If Impact approached with an offer for additional dates, considering my health and readiness, I'd be naive to dismiss it outright." While there's a buzz in the wrestling community because of what D-Von and Bubba shared on social media about a possible return, Dudley is clear about where he stands.

"People may interpret our social media exchanges differently. But I want to be clear – at the moment, I'm evaluating all possibilities. Should the right opportunity arise, I'll give it due consideration." To add another layer to the story, both D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley have inked "Legends" contracts with WWE.

While this means that the duo will maintain some ties with the company, especially in areas like merchandise, they are not bound exclusively to WWE. This arrangement grants them the flexibility to explore other ventures, which might even see them teaming up for matches in different promotions. Only time will reveal what the future holds for these iconic wrestlers.

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