Matt Riddle Allegedly Intoxicated in Airport Clip

Unexpected events unfold involving Riddle at JFK Airport.

by Atia Mukhtar
Matt Riddle Allegedly Intoxicated in Airport Clip
© WWE/YouTube

Recent footage has surfaced highlighting the unpredictable actions of ex-WWE superstar Matt Riddle, at JFK Airport, New York City. The incident occurred shortly after Riddle's release from WWE, where he once held the titles of United States & Raw Tag Team Champion.

He had earlier expressed gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support during his tenure. The video's backdrop relates to WWE's recent tour in India. As the crew was flying back, Riddle was caught in an unsavory incident at the airport.

The wrestler took to social media on September 10th, revealing an unsettling experience. In a post that he later removed, Riddle described feeling harassed by an airport officer, a confrontation that left him feeling "small and useless".

He expressed his dismay at the alleged mistreatment, lamenting the irony of facing such an ordeal in a city that prides itself on progressiveness.

TMZ Reveals Riddle's Role

However, the story took another twist when TMZ reported that the so-called "disorderly person" at JFK Airport was none other than Riddle himself.

Law enforcement responded to the scene, but after Riddle's prompt apology, they decided not to pursue any charges. He was subsequently allowed to leave without any legal repercussions. Adding to the narrative, TMZ released a video capturing Riddle at the airport terminal.

He appeared to be vocally aggressive, leading many to speculate about his inebriation. While an occasional drink before a flight might be commonplace for many travelers, Riddle's public status as a WWE superstar calls for a certain decorum, especially in public venues.

Eyewitnesses shared with TMZ that Riddle was "noticeably loud and obnoxious". The saga culminated with a delayed flight, where all passengers, barring Riddle, boarded the plane. His alleged intoxicated state was cited as the reason for his denial.

In the aftermath of these events, whispers from WWE corridors suggest that the organization believes Riddle exhausted too many opportunities to rectify his behavior. His recurrent infractions became a pattern too hard to ignore.

With this latest incident, WWE seems to have drawn a line, choosing to part ways with the once-prominent superstar.

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