26-Yr-Old Star to Leave 'Judgement Day' on WWE RAW? Swerve Explored

Dominik Mysterio's recent struggles highlight shifting alliances in WWE.

by Atia Mukhtar
26-Yr-Old Star to Leave 'Judgement Day' on WWE RAW? Swerve Explored
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The wrestling universe is buzzing with anticipation as we approach this week's WWE RAW, the final episode before the much-awaited Fastlane event. Amid the fervor, several questions remain unanswered, especially surrounding Rhea Ripley's participation and the evident cracks in The Judgment Day faction.

Rhea Ripley's abrupt absence from the previous two RAW episodes, following a surprise attack by Nia Jax upon her return, has left fans speculating about her role in the upcoming RAW. Her absence was felt all the more as Dominik Mysterio lost his North American Championship, with no member from Judgment Day in sight to rally behind him at No Mercy.

Mysterio's Unequal Support

A telling tweet expanded on this narrative: "While Mysterio was instrumental in assisting Finn Balor and Damian Priest in retaining their titles in past weeks, the same support was conspicuously absent for him.

Notably, Rhea Ripley, who previously benefited from Mysterio's support, was missing as well." The fissures within The Judgment Day are becoming more prominent. This undercurrent of tension was accentuated by Mysterio's recent title loss.

The wrestling community is rife with speculation: Could Dominik Mysterio consider leaving the faction on WWE RAW before potentially being ousted? As for Rhea Ripley's much-anticipated return to WWE RAW, one thing is certain: had she been fit, she would've staunchly supported Dominik Mysterio.

Her injury, unfortunately, sidelined her. However, her return might be more pivotal than imagined. If she graces the RAW ring this week, both she and Mysterio might decide to part ways with The Judgment Day. Their growing individual trajectories, combined with JD McDonagh's recent inclusion, have only widened the rift among the group members.

Dominik Mysterio's recent loss leaves him clamoring for answers. And with The Judgment Day's unity in question, fans eagerly await their response. As Fastlane nears, this week's RAW promises not just high-voltage action but pivotal plot twists that could reshape storylines.

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