Rob Van Dam Explains Delay in AEW Debut


Rob Van Dam Explains Delay in AEW Debut
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Legendary wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer, Rob Van Dam (RVD), recently turned heads with his appearances in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). While his brief feud with Jack Perry and collaboration with HOOK were certainly memorable, what many fans might not know is that his AEW debut could have come much sooner.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet on the podcast, "Insight with Chris Van Vliet", RVD shed light on his interactions with AEW. He revealed that Tony Khan's team had reached out to him a year earlier to discuss potential engagements.

However, as often happens in the ever-evolving world of wrestling, the initial discussions didn't materialize into anything concrete. "It was more like the communication just went silent," RVD commented. "There have been times when companies touch base to gauge my availability.

Sometimes it's just a touchpoint, and then I don't hear back. I've learned not to keep my hopes too high."

AEW's Precise Planning

Interestingly, when Tony Khan eventually approached RVD about a potential AEW appearance, he proposed the exact dates that had been mentioned almost a year earlier – August 2 and August 9.

Van Dam expressed his astonishment, saying, "It’s almost surreal how far in advance they had planned. We’re talking about a timeline that began in January or February." While many wrestling legends find themselves locked into long-term contracts, RVD's situation is unique.

He's not officially contracted with AEW, offering a more flexible and fluid working relationship. This setup appears beneficial for both parties, as Khan has expressed interest in welcoming RVD back if circumstances align. As the wrestling community continues to buzz about RVD's future engagements and potential appearances, it's evident that his legacy remains influential and in high demand.

For those interested in direct quotes and the complete conversation, please refer to the podcast "Insight with Chris Van Vliet". Credit for the original transcription goes to Wrestling Inc.

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