WWE Universe Slams 33-Year-Old Ex-Champion for No Mercy Absence

Wrestling alliances shift as backstage tensions rise.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Universe Slams 33-Year-Old Ex-Champion for No Mercy Absence
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In a turn of events at WWE NXT No Mercy, Dominik Mysterio relinquished the North American Championship, an outcome many believe was influenced by the glaring absence of backup from the prominent faction, Judgment Day. JD McDonagh, a prominent star from Raw, took to social media post the event, suggesting that had he been approached, the outcome would've been entirely different.

His bold assertion? Mysterio would have retained his title. McDonagh's statement sparked an avalanche of fan reactions, with many echoing the sentiment that JD should've been at the event without needing an explicit invitation.

JD's Complex Loyalties

Delving into the dynamics within the wrestling world, it's essential to highlight that while JD McDonagh hasn't officially joined the ranks of Judgment Day, he faced a bitter confrontation with Damian Priest, leading to his ejection from their locker room.

Yet, in a surprising gesture of solidarity, McDonagh has been instrumental in helping them defend their titles on multiple occasions. This ambiguous relationship has fans abuzz, with many advocating for JD's official inclusion in Judgment Day.

However, there's been a palpable silence from the group members, leaving fans and commentators alike in suspense about McDonagh's potential affiliation. WWE enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this week's episode of WWE RAW, anticipating it might shed light on McDonagh's complex equation with Judgment Day, particularly in the aftermath of Mysterio's unexpected loss.

But the intrigue doesn't end there. At WWE NXT No Mercy, why was The Judgment Day conspicuously absent? Dominik Mysterio, seemingly isolated, faced overwhelming odds, especially with Dragon Lee serving as the chosen official for the match.

Speculation is rife about the reasons for the absence of other key players. Rhea Ripley, who would've undoubtedly been a staunch supporter at ringside for Mysterio, was out due to a storyline injury. Alarmingly, other pivotal figures like Damian Priest and Finn Balor were also conspicuously absent, further intensifying the mystery surrounding Judgment Day's nonattendance.

This intricate web of alliances and potential betrayals has set the stage for an electrifying narrative in the WWE universe, ensuring fans will be glued to their screens in the coming weeks.