WWE Star Confronts Dragon Lee with Bold Warning After SmackDown


WWE Star Confronts Dragon Lee with Bold Warning After SmackDown
WWE Star Confronts Dragon Lee with Bold Warning After SmackDown © WWE/YouTube

In the ever-evolving drama of the WWE Universe, star wrestler Austin Theory seems primed and ready for a high-octane clash with Dragon Lee next Friday on SmackDown. After a stellar performance on the blue brand recently, Theory outclassed Cameron Grimes in a one-on-one match.

An unexpected twist? Dragon Lee was present, intently observing the action from a distance. However, a bone of contention emerged when Dragon Lee's video package aired just prior to Theory's bout against Grimes. Not one to remain silent, the former United States Champion voiced his discontent about what he felt was an attempt to overshadow him.

Theory Confronts Lee

In an exclusive interview on "SmackDown Lowdown", WWE correspondent Kayla Braxton engaged Austin Theory in a fiery discussion. A visibly upset Theory expressed his annoyance: "Dragon Lee thinks he can steal my spotlight with a video, moments before I take down Grimes? While he might be celebrated globally, he's never been in the ring with someone like me." He continued, vehemently adding, "You ask about my preparations? How about we discuss my 150 million views? And just for clarity, that's Austin Theory, not The Rock.

Dragon Lee's accolades might stretch worldwide, having clinched numerous championships. But he's yet to experience what it's like to face Austin Theory in real-time. That changes next week." Meanwhile, Dragon Lee made waves on WWE RAW.

The NXT North American Title hung in the balance as he made his debut against Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio, known for his cunning antics, didn't shy away from using sly tactics, even using Lee's own mask to restrain him. Yet, the Luchador's astounding agility and acrobatics were the talk of the town.

Overcoming the odds, Dragon Lee capped the night with a thunderous Frog Splash, retaining his title. The stage is set for next week's showdown. As Dragon Lee prepares to face Austin Theory, one of WWE's most promising talents, fans are anticipating a match for the ages. Who will emerge victorious in this battle of prowess and wit? Only time will tell.

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