Damian Priest Comments on Dominik Mysterio's No Mercy Title Loss


Damian Priest Comments on Dominik Mysterio's No Mercy Title Loss
Damian Priest Comments on Dominik Mysterio's No Mercy Title Loss © WWE/YouTube

The wrestling world was abuzz after NXT No Mercy, where Dominik Mysterio shockingly lost the North American Championship to Trick Williams. Previously riding high after a sensational win against Wes Lee that ended Lee's legendary title reign, Mysterio was not anticipated to let go of his grip on the championship this soon, especially after successfully defending against names like Sami Zayn, Dragon Lee, and Mustafa Ali in a heated Triple Threat Match.

Priest's Shocking Reaction

Damian Priest, never one to hold back, voiced his feelings regarding this twist in Mysterio's story. Taking to social media, he shared a GIF capturing his genuine reaction from this year's SummerSlam after witnessing Finn Balor's unexpected loss to Seth Rollins.

The world of WWE never fails to keep its audience on their toes, and Priest’s response echoed the sentiments of many. Yet, it wasn't just Priest who commented on this notable turn of events. Rhea Ripley from The Judgment Day, currently off-screen after a brutal attack by Nia Jax, also weighed in on Dominik's loss.

Unfortunately, her absence meant she couldn't be in Mysterio's corner during his pivotal match with Williams. Furthering the discussion around Mysterio's career trajectory, commentator Corey Graves recently lauded Dominik for delivering standout performances in the wrestling world.

On his 'After the Bell' podcast, Graves emphasized the inherent pressure that comes with having a legacy surname like Mysterio. He remarked, "Dominik is arguably showcasing some of the top-tier work in the business. Navigating the challenge of a celebrated lineage – think Charlotte Flairs and Randy Ortons – isn't easy.

Often, having a Hall of Fame-tier name can be more a hindrance than a boon." Following this title setback, all eyes are on Mysterio's next moves. Speculation is rife that he'll now direct his full attention to the escalating conflict involving The Judgment Day, pitting him against notable names like Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens in the main WWE roster.

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