Jim Ross comments on the success of All In

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Jim Ross comments on the success of All In

During a recent edition of his podcast, the legendary Jim Ross discussed the most important topics related to the business of wrestling. In particular, Jim reflected on the great success of All In and the eventuality of All In 2.

“They created that event like it was a cause. It was a cause that all wrestling fans, to some degree, could relate to. So the cause caused emotional investment and there’s your money. "And so, whether it is a cause, an emotional investment in a thing, a person, a match,” Ross revealed, “They created a cause and everybody got on their bandwagon to support the cause.

It’s like a very positive political party. None of this ‘this side of the aisle, that side of the aisle’ bulls–t. It was really, really good and I was proud of those cats”. On All In 2: “I know that the rumor on the boat is they’re going to do another one in May.

Rumor and innuendo, but that’s about right, about one a year. The old wrestling promoter would say, ‘well, I can do two a year.’ Oh yeah, then it’s, ‘let’s do one monthly.’ Do you know what I mean? Nothing is ever enough in that respect.

"So I think, those kids have a good little nucleus there and their futures are all very bright. The nice thing that strikes me about The Young Bucks and Cody, among these other cats that are here [on Jericho’s cruise] like Marty Scurll, I got that right, and of course Kenny Omega”.