RAW Big Shift & Edge Debut Disruption: This Week in WWE History

Diving deep into WWE's unforgettable moments and transitions.

by Atia Mukhtar
RAW Big Shift & Edge Debut Disruption: This Week in WWE History
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As the WWE universe gears up for the Fastlane Premium Live Event with RAW and SmackDown's nail-biting storylines, NXT has already set the tone high with its electrifying 'No Mercy 2023.' Wrestling enthusiasts couldn't have asked for a more thrilling time!

The current phase of World Wrestling Entertainment seems paradoxical. Despite being at its business pinnacle, RAW battles to retain viewership amidst the formidable NFL. Notwithstanding the recent trimming of its roster, WWE welcomed fresh talent like Jade Cargill, indicating a promising direction.

While today's matchups and storylines keep fans on the edge of their seats, the allure of the past remains undeniable. For those whose hearts flutter at WWE's golden days, Sportskeeda curates a weekly delve into iconic events and moments of yesteryears.

This retrospective journey this week not only covers a match often dubbed as the "worst ever," but also a RAW segment that shattered viewership records. We're also set to reminisce an unforgettable debut, a pivotal transition, and a moment that cemented Steve Austin's legacy.

Highlights from WWE's storied past:

5. RAW's Historic Network Shift (September 25th, 2000): The dawn of a new era for Monday Night RAW! Wrestling fans tuned into TNN, marking RAW's departure from USA Network. Broadcasted from Bryce Jordan Center, Pennsylvania, this episode was not just about the network change.

Fans witnessed the comeback of Stone Cold Steve Austin, who after a ten-month hiatus, was determined to unmask the person behind the wheel that hit him. Spoiler: It was Rikishi, who acted "for The Rock." 4. Unforgiven's Controversial Kennel From Hell (September 26th, 1999): Held at Charlotte Coliseum, the highlight was the notorious Kennel From Hell match between Al Snow and The Big Boss Man.

A bizarre and chaotic match, it's remembered more for its audacity than its excellence. 3. Christian's Dramatic Introduction (September 27th, 1998): WWE's 'In Your House: Breakdown' saw Edge's debut against Owen Hart. But what stole the show was a mysterious intervention by a then-unknown blonde, later unveiled as Christian, Edge's soon-to-be legendary tag partner.

2. An Unforgettable Birthday Celebration? (September 27th, 1999): The Attitude Era's RAW episode is etched in history for Mankind's "The Rock: This Is Your Life" segment. While it garnered the highest views, the segment's eccentricities, from surprise guests to mistaken birthdays, were the talk of the town.

1. Austin's Zamboni Madness (September 28th, 1998): A RAW episode from Detroit culminated in an iconic scene. Vince McMahon's championship presentation was unceremoniously crashed by Stone Cold Steve Austin's unexpected entrance—on a zamboni! As WWE continues to evolve, these moments remind us of the rich tapestry that makes up its storied history.

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