Jim Ross: WWE Business Thrives with Triple H Involvement


Jim Ross: WWE Business Thrives with Triple H Involvement
Jim Ross: WWE Business Thrives with Triple H Involvement © TheBigRedDevilsFavoriteDemon/YouTube

Paul "Triple H" Levesque's ascent in the WWE corporate ladder has been as notable as his in-ring metamorphosis. Moving from Jean-Paul Levesque, the iconic D-Generation X leader, to a multi-time champion, his impact behind the curtains has been profound.

Jim Ross, during his "GrillingJR" podcast, elucidated why Triple H's participation in decision-making boosts the WWE brand. Ross' co-host, Conrad Thompson, steered the conversation towards Ross' 2013 retirement from announcing and questioned if the exit was orchestrated.

Thompson pointed out a significant shift in 2011 when Triple H became the Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, a role described as a mediator between Ross' previous position and Vince McMahon. Ross emphatically stated that Triple H's involvement has proved invaluable.

"When Triple H participates in major decisions, outcomes are typically better. He doesn’t just hold the title of 'the game'; he understands its nuances. To me, there's no downside," expressed Ross. He also touched on Vince McMahon's preference for a youthful and diverse look and sound for WWE, a decision that inevitably meant the sidelining of stalwarts like Ross himself.

Ross-Triple H Bond

Ross went on to elaborate on his rapport with Triple H, explaining that their bond remained unaffected, even as the latter gained more clout within the company. He stressed the open, transparent, and sincere nature of their interactions, especially during Ross' tenure at Talent Relations.

"Our mutual respect and admiration for professional wrestling have fostered a deep bond between us," Ross reminisced. "Rarely did we experience conflicts. Yet, I also recognized the limitations Triple H had in certain decisions, with Vince being the primary influencer." In 2013, Ross bid WWE adieu only to make a brief comeback in 2017 for WrestleMania 33.

By April 2019, Ross inked a three-year contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), serving as both commentator and senior advisor. Despite recent health setbacks, he continues to grace the commentary box during AEW's prime events.

Triple H, on the other hand, is actively engaged with WWE's creative process, but post the merger with Endeavor forming TKO Holdings, he has stepped down from WWE's board.

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