Al Snow Takes 'Uncomfortable' Measures for WWE Head Character


Al Snow Takes 'Uncomfortable' Measures for WWE Head Character
Al Snow Takes 'Uncomfortable' Measures for WWE Head Character © QuickStopHicks/YouTube

Professional wrestling has seen its fair share of intense dedication to character, and the tales of maintaining 'kayfabe' are legendary. In earlier times, a wrestler's commitment to their on-screen persona outside of the ring was paramount.

Al Snow, a revered figure in the wrestling domain, showcased an unparalleled commitment to this tradition, often taking his "Head" mannequin to public places, ensuring fans witnessed the same character off the screen.

Dining with 'Head'

Recounting one of his quirky anecdotes to "Oh You Didn't Know," Al said, "Imagine walking into a restaurant and asking for a table for two, only to place a mannequin head on the opposite seat.

As humorous as it sounds, it was quite a challenge. Conversations and feigned disagreements with the 'Head' in public weren't always met with amusement. On more than one occasion, the staff approached, suggesting I leave, given the discomfort I was causing fellow diners." These experiences, while amusing in retrospect, highlighted Snow's unwavering commitment to his WWE character.

He laughingly added, "It often culminated in the restaurant management escorting me out, as I would cheekily retort about how other guests were equally making 'us' uncomfortable." Beyond dining escapades, Al's dedication extended to the gym.

He recalled placing the "Head" on treadmills, adding an extra layer of eccentricity. However, the intention was clear and strategic. "If someone saw me in these outlandish scenarios in real life, and then witnessed a similar portrayal on television, the character's authenticity was solidified.

They would exclaim to their families about the 'crazy wrestler' they encountered," Snow explained. Summing up his experiences, Al expressed, "Sure, some may deem the antics bizarre, but if it made viewers believe even for a second that I was genuinely unhinged, then it was worth every amusing glance and awkward interaction. It was, undeniably, a memorable era in my career."

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