Dominik Mysterio loses title at No Mercy

Unforeseen twists and surprises rock the WWE universe

by Noman Rasool
Dominik Mysterio loses title at No Mercy
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In a surprising turn of events at No Mercy, Dominik Mysterio's tenure as the NXT North American Champion came to an end in a chaotic contest that left the WWE Universe stunned. The journey began when Mysterio captured the coveted title on the July 18th edition of NXT television, dethroning former champion Wes Lee.

Since then, he elevated the championship's status by defending it on Raw and SmackDown, facing formidable opponents such as Butch, Sami Zayn, and Dragon Lee. However, the script took an unexpected twist when Mustafa Ali, Mysterio's scheduled challenger, was released from his WWE contract on September 21st.

To determine a new contender, a four-way match was held on September 26th, with Trick Williams emerging victorious against Dragon Lee, Axiom, and Tyler Bate, earning his place at No Mercy. The championship clash at No Mercy between Dominik Mysterio and Trick Williams featured Dragon Lee as the special referee, potentially giving Williams an advantage due to his prior clashes with Mysterio.

The match reached a pivotal moment when Mysterio attempted a super kick on Williams but inadvertently struck Lee instead.

Chaotic Title Bout Conclusion

As chaos ensued, another referee entered the fray, only to meet a similar fate as Mysterio accidentally took him out of commission.

With the match spiraling out of control, Mysterio resorted to using his title belt as a weapon in a desperate bid to gain the upper hand. However, Williams seized the opportunity and delivered a devastating knee strike to Mysterio.

Despite the earlier chaos, Lee managed to regain his composure long enough to count the pinfall, sealing Williams' victory and the championship. Meanwhile, No Mercy delivered another shocking upset as Carmelo Hayes, a close associate of Trick Williams, lost his NXT Championship to Ilja Dragunov.

After the intense title bout, Hayes and Williams crossed paths backstage, with Hayes appearing contemplative as he eyed Williams' newly acquired title. This tumultuous night at No Mercy marked a significant shift in the landscape of NXT, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what's next for both the NXT North American Championship and the NXT Championship. Stay tuned for more updates on this rapidly evolving WWE storyline.

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