Jon Moxley urges AEW to sign a free agent


Jon Moxley urges AEW to sign a free agent
Jon Moxley urges AEW to sign a free agent © All Elite Wrestling/Youtube

In a recent development reported by Fightful Select, it has come to light that Sami Callihan, former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion, saw his contract with the organization set to expire at the end of September. While initial reports hinted at mutual interest in a possible re-signing, it appears that such an extension did not come to fruition.

Callihan himself took to social media to confirm his new status as a free agent, effective as of September 30th. Additional information from PWInsider suggests that Callihan's final appearance for IMPACT Wrestling will be televised on the October 12th edition of IMPACT.

In this match, he will team up with Rich Swann to challenge The Rascalz for the IMPACT Tag Team Championship. It's important to note that this bout has already been recorded, signaling the conclusion of Callihan's commitments with the promotion.

What's particularly intriguing about this development is the interest it has sparked in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Several sources indicate that key figures within AEW, most notably Jon Moxley, have been pushing for the promotion to sign Sami Callihan.

Moxley and Callihan share deep roots in Ohio, which has reportedly fostered a strong and enduring relationship between the two. Moreover, beyond in-ring competition, there have been discussions about potential producer roles for Callihan in various wrestling companies.

This suggests that his experience and expertise are highly regarded within the industry, and his contributions could extend beyond the squared circle.

AEW Interest and Industry Roles

As this news continues to circulate, it raises questions about the potential impact of Sami Callihan's free agency on the wrestling landscape.

AEW, with its growing roster of talent and Moxley's endorsement, seems like a plausible destination. Meanwhile, the possibility of Callihan taking on a behind-the-scenes role in the industry adds another layer of intrigue to his future prospects.

Wrestling fans and insiders alike will undoubtedly keep a close eye on Sami Callihan's next career move, with AEW emerging as a frontrunner and the broader wrestling community eager to see how his talents and experience will be harnessed in the evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

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