Jim Ross Hints at Dolph Ziggler WWE Return


Jim Ross Hints at Dolph Ziggler WWE Return
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In an unexpected turn of events, Dolph Ziggler, a pivotal figure in WWE for nearly two decades, was included in a recent mass release from the company on September 21. This shocking move brought an abrupt halt to Ziggler's illustrious journey with the titan of sports entertainment.

As the wrestling world buzzes with speculation that Ziggler may join the ranks of AEW after his 90-day non-compete period, renowned commentator Jim Ross believes that WWE enthusiasts may not have witnessed Ziggler's final curtain call in the iconic squared circle.

Ross Foresees Ziggler's Return

During a recent installment of "Grilling Jr," Ross opined that Ziggler's potential return to WWE might be in a backstage capacity. "Dolph's association with WWE isn't something that can be easily severed.

I envision a reunion after the current turbulence subsides," Ross stated. "Consider the multitude of roles Dolph can occupy, not strictly limited to in-ring action. Rumors suggest he might be eyed for a position akin to Adam Pearce's on Raw.

Given such an opportunity, there's no doubt Ziggler would excel. He's an undeniable talent, and dismissing such star power would be imprudent." Elaborating further, Ross highlighted Ziggler's invaluable attributes, including his masterful oratory prowess and deep understanding of the wrestling enterprise.

His esteemed status in the locker room and the universal respect he commands have been notable constants throughout his career. Recollecting an incident from 2003, Ross reminisced about how Gerald Brisco scouted the prodigious talent from Kent State University.

At that juncture, with Ross helming WWE's Talent Relations, the emphasis was on securing wrestlers with a formidable amateur pedigree. Ziggler, with his unique blend of athletic prowess and innate charisma, was the perfect catch.

"His contribution potential transcends a singular organization. He's an asset any wrestling federation would covet," Ross emphatically remarked.

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