Becky Lynch Flaunts Severe Injury After NXT No Mercy

Stratton voices determination after intense NXT showdown.

by Atia Mukhtar
Becky Lynch Flaunts Severe Injury After NXT No Mercy
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Reigning WWE NXT Women's Champion Becky Lynch, fondly dubbed "The Man," defended her title in a riveting main event last night. However, while she emerged victorious at "NXT" No Mercy, she did not escape the battle unscathed.

The intensely-charged Extreme Rules match against rising star Tiffany Stratton showcased an array of weapons, culminating in Lynch suffering a significant laceration to her arm. Sources at Fightful Select have confirmed that the injury required an astonishing 11 stitches.

The intensity of the match did nothing to deter Lynch's spirit. Taking to Instagram, she lauded Stratton for the fierce competition, while also offering fans a peek into her brutal injury. "NXT was on fire tonight. The Man might have ushered [Tiffany Stratton] into the main event, but she reciprocated with unmatched vigor.

Kudos. Although it wasn't Stratton's moment this round, her time will come. As for me, the global tour rages on. Injuries, stitches, challenges, and all. Swipe to the end for a glimpse of my battle scar," penned Lynch, punctuating her message with a queasy emoji.

Stratton's Resilient Response

Stratton wasn't far behind in sharing her thoughts on the electrifying match.

In a reflective Instagram post, she displayed snapshots from the evening, including a bleed on her temple. Stratton mused, "Every challenge thrown my way, I've embraced. I've relished defying expectations, and tonight was a testament to that.

Becky brought her A-game, as did I. And while I may not have clinched the win, I'm here to stay. Watch out, WrestleMania, I'm coming for the main event. Until then, cheers!" The road ahead looks challenging for Becky Lynch. Following her strenuous title defense against Stratton, she is set to face off against Tegan Nox this upcoming Monday on "WWE Raw." This marks a significant occasion for Nox, her first shot at the NXT Women's Championship since her July 2020 challenge against the formidable Io Shirai, also known as IYO SKY, on an episode of "NXT."

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