Rhea Ripley Displeased with Dominik Mysterio's Title Defeat

Surprises unfold as tensions flare in NXT showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Rhea Ripley Displeased with Dominik Mysterio's Title Defeat
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In a shocking turn of events, the NXT No Mercy Premium Live Event in Bakersfield, California witnessed not one, but two title changes, reshaping the wrestling horizon and setting social media on fire. In an exhilarating NXT Championship bout, Ilja Dragunov reclaimed glory as he overcame Carmelo Hayes in a match that fans are already dubbing an "instant classic".

It was a forearm smash to Hayes' face that sealed Dragunov's victory. The climactic moments of the match saw both competitors digging deep, but it was Dragunov's raw power and skill that saw him through. True to the spirit of sportsmanship, the new NXT Champion Dragunov extended a hand in respect to Hayes, a gesture appreciated by fans worldwide.

Dramatic NXT Title Upset

However, the night wasn't just about Dragunov's redemption. The NXT North American Championship witnessed a dramatic turn of events. Trick Williams managed to clinch the title from Dominik Mysterio, adding another twist to the wrestling narrative.

The match was already enveloped in tension with NXT superstar Dragon Lee officiating as the special guest referee — a decision Mysterio was visibly uncomfortable with. Midway through, an unexpected altercation knocked Lee out of the ring, leading to an abrupt referee switch.

The climax intensified as Mysterio, in an act of desperation, attempted to employ the North American Title as a weapon. Williams skillfully evaded the attack, retaliating with a powerful jumping knee smash, which led to his triumphant pinfall victory.

Yet, the ripples of these title changes weren't limited to the victors and the vanquished. WWE superstar Rhea Ripley expressed her discontent over "Dirty" Dom's loss. Ripley has been conspicuously absent from the WWE scene lately, recovering from a brutal attack by Nia Jax on Raw earlier in September.

Behind the scenes, the star has been on a well-deserved break, visiting her homeland, Australia, alongside her fiancé, AEW's Buddy Matthews. With these seismic shifts in NXT, wrestling enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this ever-evolving saga. Stay tuned as the drama unfolds.

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