Bryan Danielson Open to Brie Bella AEW Run


Bryan Danielson Open to Brie Bella AEW Run
Bryan Danielson Open to Brie Bella AEW Run © TBS/YouTube

Bryan Danielson, the renowned AEW star, recently addressed the speculation surrounding his wife and former WWE luminary, Brie Garcia, formerly recognized as Brie Bella, who has recently been hinting at a possible resurgence in the wrestling arena.

During a press conference for WrestleDream, an eagerly anticipated event in the wrestling world, Danielson was asked to shed light on his wife's cryptic social media posts, which had sent the wrestling community into a frenzy with speculations about her return to the ring.

In a lighthearted manner, Danielson confessed that he occasionally finds himself bewildered by Brie's social media activity but did acknowledge that there is indeed a possibility of her making a comeback to professional wrestling.

Danielson's Hopeful Stance

In his own words, Danielson stated, "I will never say never [on Brie returning to the ring]. I will say this, Brie is the boss in our family. If she wants to come do it, it'll get done." This candid declaration left fans and wrestling enthusiasts speculating about the prospect of witnessing Brie Bella back in action.

Adding fuel to the excitement, Brie Garcia herself took to Instagram for a Q&A session, where she provided some insights into her potential return to the squared circle. She mentioned that she's eagerly awaiting her son Buddy to grow a bit older before contemplating a comeback.

Brie also expressed her enthusiasm for facing formidable opponents in various wrestling promotions, including Saraya and Brit Baker, who are part of AEW, Trinity and Mickie James, who compete in Impact Wrestling, and even The IIconics, with a dream of wrestling them in Australia.

It's worth noting that earlier this year, Brie and her sister Nikki made headlines by announcing the expiration of their contracts with WWE, opting not to renew their deals. Since their appearance in the women's Royal Rumble match last year, neither of the Bella Twins has set foot in a wrestling ring.

However, they were honored with induction into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the illustrious Class of 2021, commemorating their remarkable contributions to the wrestling world. As the wrestling universe eagerly awaits further developments, the possibility of Brie Bella's return to the ring continues to be a topic of intense interest and discussion among fans, with the support and enthusiasm of her husband, Bryan Danielson, playing a pivotal role in the equation.

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