Ryback Claims 2014 WWE Iconic Moment Was Initially Intended for Him

Ryback's Revelations Shed Light on WWE's Past Moments.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ryback Claims 2014 WWE Iconic Moment Was Initially Intended for Him
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In a recent revelation, former WWE superstar Ryback shed light on WWE's creative intentions for the iconic Survivor Series 2014 main event, suggesting that he was initially slated to be the sole survivor of the thrilling five-on-five elimination match.

The memorable match-up featured Ryback, along with The Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and John Cena, joining forces to take on Team Authority, which consisted of Kane, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Rusev, and Seth Rollins.

The stakes were high, as the outcome of the contest would result in Stephanie McMahon and Triple H losing their authoritative positions within the company. As wrestling enthusiasts fondly recall, Dolph Ziggler secured the victory for Team Cena by pinning Seth Rollins, with the match's climax marked by the surprise debut of wrestling legend Sting.

However, Ryback recently disclosed in his Ryback TV video series that he was originally intended to be the hero of the match, not Ziggler: "If you remember, this is where Sting came back and Dolph Ziggler had the great showing that was originally designed for me on this, and that would have aligned with the push and the coming back," Ryback stated.

"But things were going too good once again, and WWE and Vince McMahon were gonna make sure that they cooled things off, and they did just that with this match once again."

Survivor Series Legacy

Ryback's participation in the match was relatively short-lived, lasting only seven minutes before being eliminated by Rusev.

Nevertheless, almost a decade later, the bout remains etched in wrestling history as one of the most exhilarating Survivor Series elimination contests. Additionally, Ryback provided insights into the surprising reaction he received during his return match on RAW just before Survivor Series 2014.

Vince McMahon, WWE's Executive Chairman, was reportedly taken aback by the overwhelmingly positive reception from the San Antonio crowd: "The match went as planned and when I got to the back, I was told that Vince McMahon was shocked that people still cheered for me and cheered for me at the level that they did despite all that WWE had done to me over that time, the last seven or eight months." This revelation underscores the tumultuous nature of Ryback's WWE career, including an abrupt shift from being a heel to a babyface and a tag team partnership with Curtis Axel, which he describes as a "punishment period" characterized by an unexplained cessation of his main-event singles push by WWE's top brass.

Ryback's insights offer wrestling fans a fascinating glimpse into the intricate world of WWE creative decision-making and the unpredictability that often defines the industry.