Tony Khan Discusses Jade Cargill's Pre-WWE Contract Negotiations

Inside the tug-of-war for wrestling sensation, Jade Cargill.

by Noman Rasool
Tony Khan Discusses Jade Cargill's Pre-WWE Contract Negotiations
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In a revealing discourse at the AEW WrestleDream media scrum, Tony Khan, AEW's President, shed light on the intricate negotiations that took place prior to Jade Cargill's transition to WWE. Cargill, having recently commenced her training at the esteemed WWE Performance Center, has entered into a multi-year agreement with the global wrestling powerhouse.

Khan shared his anticipation and commitment to retaining Cargill, expressing, “As Jade's contract drew closer to its end, our discussions about her new contract intensified. There was a genuine interest on our part to see her continue with AEW”.

He added, “I extended what I believed was a generous offer, one I assumed would be persuasive. Interestingly, even after matching a sum beyond her initial request, our proposal didn't seal the deal, which was rather surprising”.

Khan's Fond Farewell

Tony Khan's tone reflected not just the business aspect of things but also a genuine appreciation for Cargill’s contributions to AEW. “Throughout our interactions, my utmost priority was Jade’s well-being and her legacy within AEW,” Khan stated.

He further remarked, “If she chose a different path, I wanted her AEW journey to conclude on a high note. I can't emphasize enough the pleasure of working alongside her. She has significantly impacted AEW, and I endeavored to ensure her exit was as grand as her tenure here”.

Emphasizing AEW's commitment to its talent, Khan added a note on the company’s ethos. “At AEW, we strive to create a nurturing environment for our wrestlers. Regardless of their tenure, be it at the onset or culmination, our objective is to treat everyone with the utmost respect”.

Khan concluded his sentiments with an open invitation, “While we bid Jade farewell with best wishes for her WWE stint, the doors of AEW will always be open for her return”. This disclosure provides a unique insight into the world of wrestling contracts and emphasizes AEW's genuine care for its talent.

As Jade Cargill embarks on this new chapter with WWE, wrestling fans globally will keenly follow her journey, reminiscing her time at AEW.

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