Adam Copeland: WWE and I Had "Evolved Apart"

AEW WrestleDream witnesses a game-changing debut surprise.

by Noman Rasool
Adam Copeland: WWE and I Had "Evolved Apart"
© WWE/Youtube

In a staggering turn of events at AEW’s latest WrestleDream event, wrestling enthusiasts got the shock of their lives. The arena in Seattle was electrified as the haunting strains of a well-known melody, punctuated by the iconic words – “You think you know me” – signaled the grand entry of a legendary figure: Edge.

Only this time, he will be revered as The Rated-R Superstar Adam Copeland. While fans speculated about potential reunions, as Copeland appeared alongside long-time comrade, Christian Cage, and his associates Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne, the narrative took an unexpected twist.

Witnessing a dramatic twist, Copeland wielded a steel chair against Luchasaurus and Wayne, leaving spectators in utter disbelief, while Cage nonchalantly distanced himself from the unfolding chaos. In the immediate aftermath, Copeland turned to social media to shed light on his seismic shift to AEW.

In a heartfelt message, he wrote, “With 25 incredible years at WWE, a company I wholeheartedly love and am grateful for, the time has come for me to venture into fresh territories. AEW beckons with its roster – some familiar faces I’m eager to collaborate with, and a plethora of new talent I've yet to square off against.

Challenges have been my driving force, and AEW promises an abundance”. Reflecting on his WWE tenure, Copeland added, “WWE has been instrumental in carving out my legacy. From numerous opportunities to personal milestones, including meeting my soulmate, WWE has been a pivotal part of my life." It's noteworthy that Copeland's last WWE appearance as Edge was on the August 18th SmackDown, where he emerged triumphant against Sheamus, marking his final WWE contest.

AEW’s Tony Khan, in a bid to stoke the excitement further, confirmed Copeland’s appearance on the October 4th Dynamite episode. Furthermore, fans can eagerly anticipate Copeland's first AEW match on a special Title Tuesday on October 10th, where he's set to battle Luchasaurus.

With this shocking twist, AEW reaffirms its commitment to keeping the wrestling world on its toes, promising its fans a riveting journey ahead.

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