Shawn Michaels Discusses Being Open to CM Punk's Involvement in WWE NXT


Shawn Michaels Discusses Being Open to CM Punk's Involvement in WWE NXT
Shawn Michaels Discusses Being Open to CM Punk's Involvement in WWE NXT © WWE/YouTube

During a recent media call for WWE NXT's No Mercy event, Shawn Michaels, the Senior Vice President of Talent Development and Creative, shed light on a familiar name he'd be intrigued to see become a part of the NXT family – the talented yet often controversial, CM Punk.

Michaels stated, "Naturally, we would be thrilled to welcome him into the NXT fold. Yet, understanding his calibre and allure, it's conceivable he might lean towards the WWE main roster." Michaels continued, reminiscing about his past interactions with Punk, "Though our professional intersections were limited, I genuinely appreciated collaborating with him.

In essence, I could resonate with his spirit."

Autograph Bonds Michaels, Punk

Highlighting their connection, Michaels recollected a heartwarming incident. "One time, Punk showcased an autograph I had given him years ago at a hotel," Michaels said.

"That gesture showcased his genuine love for the profession, and perhaps it's one of the many reasons I've always been fond of him." Michaels didn't shy away from addressing Punk's complex character, "CM Punk is indeed an individual with his quirks and can occasionally find it challenging to mesh seamlessly with everyone.

But, perhaps, that's what endears him to me; we share the same traits, which others can sometimes misconstrue." Further emphasizing Punk's value, Michaels remarked, "He's an undeniable magnet for audiences and has a proven track record of drawing crowds.

Evaluating his ability to generate revenue offers a compelling risk-reward proposition for any organization." He concluded, "From a business perspective, such talent considerations are usually reserved for those in higher echelons of the company.

However, if I decided to bring Punk to NXT, it would be a resounding yes. But realistically, I doubt I'd have the final say." To provide some background, CM Punk's professional journey recently faced some tumult. He was let go from AEW on September 2, following an unfortunate backstage skirmish with Jack Perry at the All-In event.

This incident came on the heels of a prior backstage altercation with The Elite after the 2022 All Out PPV, resulting in a suspension for Punk.

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