Ric Flair Rejects WWE's 'Illegitimate Son' Plot


Ric Flair Rejects WWE's 'Illegitimate Son' Plot
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In a revealing interaction with WSI, wrestling stalwart Val Venis elucidated an intriguing behind-the-scenes glance into a shelved WWE storyline involving the legendary Ric Flair and an ostensible "illegitimate son," intended to be played by Shane Sewell.

Sewell, who Venis shared the ring with during indie circuits and tours across Puerto Rico, was ostensibly pegged for introduction as a surprising, and potentially, scandalous relation to the revered Nature Boy. The plot, as Venis detailed, was conceived to unfurl a new character; one imbued with resentment and bitterness.

This illegitimate son, Sewell, would be portrayed as having been deprived of emotional and financial support from his illustrious father, Ric Flair. The narrative arc was planned to weave Venis into its tapestry, emerging to assist Sewell in triumphing in a match and sequentially delving into an angle involving Flair.

However, the plan met a roadblock, chiefly arising from Flair's unequivocal refusal to participate in the angle. Flair, a two-time WWE stint veteran, with his first run spanning 1991-1993, and his second, 2001-2009, harbored genuine apprehensions regarding the impact such a storyline might wield on his real-life relationships with his sons, David and Reid.

His original reentry into the ring in 2002 was stimulated by a separate, intricate storyline with the Undertaker, starkly different from the proposed narrative involving Sewell.

Flair's Familial Fidelity

"Ric just couldn’t bring himself to facilitate a storyline that could, in any perceptible manner, infringe upon his relationships with his own sons," Venis revealed in the interaction, elucidating how, despite the build-up, Flair categorically rejected the idea upon its presentation, valuing familial harmony over a potentially electrifying angle.

David, Ric's eldest, dabbled in wrestling intermittently for a span of a decade, often immersing himself in narratives entwining his father, before amicably retiring in 2009. Tragedy, however, struck the Flair lineage when Reid, who debuted in wrestling slightly before David and spent several years making his mark in independent circuits, succumbed to a drug overdose in a heartbreaking incident in March 2013.

This eschewed plot and its revelation casts a light on the oftentimes intricate and delicate balance wrestlers and creatives alike must maintain, intertwining gripping storytelling with preserving the sanctity of personal relationships and real-world repercussions.

And in a world as complexly woven as professional wrestling, these stories remind us of the palpable humanity that persists behind the curtains and lights.

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