WWE Fastlane 2023: Potential Major Championship Feud Teased on RAW

Unveiling the intricacies behind WWE's potential blockbuster showdowns.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Fastlane 2023: Potential Major Championship Feud Teased on RAW
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A tantalizing tension unfolded during the latest WWE Raw edition, catapulting speculations and potentially setting the stage for an electrifying face-off at Fastlane 2023. The go-home RAW segment has successfully sewn seeds of anticipation among WWE aficionados, as it subtly hinted at a potential massive bout to embellish the already gripping Fastlane match card.

In a riveting main event on RAW, Gunther retained his Intercontinental Championship, vanquishing Tommaso Ciampa with a display of tactical mastery and raw power. However, a striking comment from Chad Gable regarding The Ring General’s zenith in his title run, coupled with Bronson Reed’s victorious surge against Cedric Alexander, has sparked a buzzing question: could WWE be sketching an unexpected championship feud? While Reed riding the wave of his Tsunami victory is commendable, speculations are rife that Triple H may strategically position these three daunting athletes—Reed, Gable, and Ciampa—against Gunther in a fatal four-way showdown for the Intercontinental Championship at Fastlane 2023.

Although these potential match-ups are sheerly theoretical and born from analytical speculation, the possibility of witnessing such a colossal battle unfolds delectably on paper.

Crafting Riveting Feuds

Wrestling storylines, particularly those enmeshed with championship titles, traditionally simmer through several weeks of meticulous narrative crafting, escalating tensions, and burgeoning rivalries to ensure a riveting feud.

Nevertheless, WWE’s penchant for dishing out impromptu match cards, birthing spectacular bouts, cannot be disregarded. While Gunther’s title defense at Fastlane hasn’t been officially slated, earlier plans, albeit shelved, of him defending against Ciampa at the Premium Live Event (PLE) were reportedly in motion before a tactical shift materialized, transferring the bout to RAW.

At this juncture, Fastlane 2023 has officially unfurled five matches, boasting appearances from luminaries like Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cody Rhodes, and Jey Uso. A teasing whisper of a fatal four-way women's clash involving Raquel Rodriguez, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Rhea Ripley has also wafted through the WWE corridors, adding a further layer of intrigue to the anticipated event.

With Mami re-entering the RAW arena, reminding Damian Priest of his shortcomings and throwing a stark ultimatum at Dominik Mysterio regarding the NXT North American Championship, the undulating waves of WWE’s narrative continue to enthrall, keeping fans poised on the edge of their seats, awaiting the explosive revelations Fastlane 2023 might unveil.

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