Ex-AEW Star to Released WWE Talent: Prove Worth like Drew McIntyre, Matt Cardona

Janela confronts wrestling realities amidst a wave of releases.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-AEW Star to Released WWE Talent: Prove Worth like Drew McIntyre, Matt Cardona
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In the exhilarating, yet tumultuous world of professional wrestling, former All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Joey Janela candidly addresses freshly released WWE talent, inciting them to rise to the occasion and prove their mettle in the grueling domain of independent wrestling circuits.

This commentary unfurls in the wake of the groundbreaking merger between WWE and UFC, leading to the release of numerous WWE superstars, including the notably skillful Riddick Moss. Following his release, Moss took to Twitter to broadcast an implicit proposition to other promoters, eyeing a swift and propitious transition amidst his newfound free agency in the wrestling sphere.

However, not everyone was on the same page. Independent wrestling luminary Effy countered this with a sobering reality check, asserting that mere exposure on television does not inherently pave the way to success elsewhere.

This thought found resonance with Janela, who didn’t mince words when extending his agreement with Effy’s perspective.

Janela's Candid Advice

Janela articulated, "Most guys leaving TV won’t want to cut their prices down to work indies & or won’t be about that schedule.

It’s either sign somewhere else, work the convention circuit, or get to work & hustle. Ain’t no one backing up any truck full of cash, unless you can be a team player and prove your worth like guys like Cardona and Drew McIntyre." His statement not only empathizes with the plight of the released stars but also underscores a grit-driven pathway toward triumph, illuminated by the journeys of Matt Cardona and Drew McIntyre, both synonymous with resurgence and tenacity in the wrestling realm.

Joey Janela, whose name continues to reverberate in the wrestling corridors, now zealously executes his craft at Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), showcasing the hustle he preaches. In a contrasting vignette, EC3 offered a glimmer of optimism for Riddick Moss, suggesting a silver lining post-WWE release during an engagement on Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws show.

"Hell of an athlete, hell of a dude," EC3 extolled, foreseeing potential success for Moss given his impressive athletic prowess and personality. He optimistically conveyed that a self-reflective, innovative reinvention could provide Moss with a launchpad to skyrocket his career, granting him a distinctive edge in the competitive wrestling theater.

This enthralling narrative from the wrestling world, punctuated by passion, perseverance, and polemics, awaits to be further unwoven as the released talents navigate their journey within the dynamic tapestry of professional wrestling.

The industry watches, anticipates, and perhaps even prepares, for the next chapter where the resilient and the inventive etch their legacy, post their WWE sojourn.

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