Vince McMahon Admires Roman Reigns; Ex-WWE Star Analyzes Relationship

Reigns' dominance in WWE generates widespread acclaim and admiration.

by Atia Mukhtar
Vince McMahon Admires Roman Reigns; Ex-WWE Star Analyzes Relationship
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In the intense and ever-dynamic landscape of WWE, Roman Reigns, fondly dubbed The Tribal Chief, has perpetually showcased his unassailable dominance, solidifying his status as the promotion’s paramount star for over three pivotal years.

A recent elucidation of the relationship between WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Reigns has been spotlighted by former WWE wrestler Lloyd Anoa'i, shedding light on the in-ring prowess and backstage dynamics influencing the sports entertainment magnate’s manifest admiration.

During a revelatory session on the UnSKripted podcast, Anoa'i, tethered by familial and professional ties to Reigns, articulated a candid reflection of the latter’s impressive career trajectory. Reigns, under the managerial wizardry of Paul Heyman, has not only clinched but also resiliently clung to the WWE Universal Title, even amidst the discernible internal rifts coursing through The Bloodline’s unity.

Anoa'i Praises Reigns

Anoa'i effused, "You got the man that's killing record right now. He's making our family very proud... Roman Reigns, the Universal Heavyweight Champion of WWE, is selling records. Vince McMahon and WWE, they're all happy with him because he's putting the behinds in seats and he's selling out.

Friday Night SmackDowns have been sold out and have record viewings on TV since they’ve been doing this Bloodline angle and it’s unbelievable." Reigns' ability to magnetize audiences to arenas, manifested through consecutive sell-out events and skyrocketing TV viewership, especially during the intriguing Bloodline storyline, underscores McMahon’s satisfaction with him, intertwining the prosperity of Reigns with the WWE's lucrative present and prospective financial health.

While the wrestling universe anticipates the upcoming WWE Fastlane, slated for October 7 at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana, it is noteworthy that Reigns will abstain from participation. His absence marks a continuity since his last televised match, the Tribal Combat with Jey Uso at SummerSlam.

Nevertheless, The Bloodline’s essence will permeate the event, with Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso battling John Cena and LA Knight in a tag team clash that promises to be an electrifying spectacle.

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