Anoa'i Family Insights: The Bloodline Bond with WWE


Anoa'i Family Insights: The Bloodline Bond with WWE
Anoa'i Family Insights: The Bloodline Bond with WWE © Macho T/YouTube

Navigating through the powerful waves of wrestling history, the Anoa’i family has emerged as undeniable stalwarts in the global spectacle of professional wrestling. In a recent heart-to-heart on the UnSKripted podcast, Lloyd Anoa’i, son of Afa – one half of the legendary Wild Samoans – and seasoned wrestler with WWE, ECW, and multiple independent circuits, intimately dissected the family’s resolute bond with the wrestling world, particularly the WWE, reaching back to the epoch of the High Chief Peter Maivia.

“The origins trace back to High Chief Peter Maivia, commencing before the era of my father Afa and his brother Sika, The Wild Samoans. Though Afa and Sika signify the first generation, our lineage now propels into the third, edging toward the fourth,” Lloyd shared.

He elucidated his familial timeline in the business with nostalgic remnants, articulating the sequential involvement of names like Samu, Rikishi, Tonga Kid, and himself, thereby showcasing a vividly illustrious history deeply embedded in the WWE throughout the ‘80s and beyond.

Perpetuating Wrestling Legacies

Lloyd mused, “Subsequent were my brother Samu and Tonga Kid, launching during my father and uncle’s stint with WWE in the ‘80s. Rikishi paired with my brother, marking their presence as the Samoan SWAT Team in the WCW days before transitioning to WWE as the Headshrinkers.

I commenced around '85, entering the ring by '86-87, with a debut in WWF during '92-93. It's crucial to note, we were all present, actively contributing to the spectacle. The narrative simply perpetuates”. The Anoa’i legacy doesn’t merely linger in the past but perpetuates robustly through contemporary representatives like The Usos and Solo Sikoa, extending the familial dominance into the present-day WWE.

Lloyd, echoing familial pride, spoke of the current generation, “You observe Rikishi’s sons, The Usos, and Solo Sikoa; Tonga Kid’s offspring, Jacob Fatu; and his other son, engaged in the California wrestling scene.

Moreover, my nephew, Lance Anoa’i, son of my brother, is presently marking his territory in a substantial tour in Japan, intending to return to MLW post-Japan. The legacy is not merely maintained; it amplifies and extends”.

[From 4:10 - 5:05] Within Lloyd’s narrative lies not just a history, but a testament to an unwavering family bond forged within the squared circle, from the era of the High Chief to the current WWE superstars. The Anoa’i family, with its multi-generational representation, exemplifies an enriched legacy that has, and continues to, captivate wrestling audiences worldwide.

The Bloodline