Roman Reigns Imminent Return: Shakeup in The Tribal Chief's Strategy?

RAW's Shocking Turn: Jey Uso Stirs the Pot.

by Atia Mukhtar
Roman Reigns Imminent Return: Shakeup in The Tribal Chief's Strategy?
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Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, is poised to make a long-anticipated comeback during the SmackDown episode following Fastlane 2023. However, recent events unfolding on RAW have raised speculation that The Tribal Chief may be considering an early return to the ring.

Roman Reigns, a commanding figure in WWE, holds the power to orchestrate a surprise reappearance this week. Such a return could potentially be directed at none other than his own cousin, Jey Uso, whose recent remarks have added fuel to the family feud.

Jey Uso Challenges Tribal Chief

In a surprising twist on RAW, Jey Uso, headlining the Main Event, provocatively asserted that Rhea Ripley had ascended to the position of the new Tribal Chief, going so far as to claim her superiority over Roman Reigns himself.

This audacious declaration is a direct affront that The Big Uce might not overlook. Speculation runs rife that Reigns might resurface at Fastlane to disrupt Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes' bout against Finn Balor and Damian Priest, potentially costing them the match.

However, recent developments have further muddied the waters, with The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, and Damian Priest, announcing their impending arrival on SmackDown this Friday. It is almost certain that Jey Uso will be embroiled in confrontations with fellow family members Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, and manager Paul Heyman.

Yet, the most significant clash of all may be the impending showdown with Roman Reigns. This anticipated encounter would mark Roman Reigns' return to WWE television after Main Event Jey superkicked him and dramatically 'quit' the company, adding yet another layer of intrigue to their family rivalry.

If Roman Reigns does launch an attack on Jey Uso this weekend, it could force Jey's hand and compel him to return to SmackDown. This could potentially ignite a fiery chapter in the ongoing Bloodline saga, with Jimmy Uso embracing the role of The Tribal Chief and Solo Sikoa dutifully following his commands.

The deep-seated animosity between current and former Bloodline members could escalate to unprecedented heights, setting the stage for a blockbuster showdown at WWE Survivor Series. In this scenario, Roman Reigns would put his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on the line in a high-stakes fatal four-way match against Jimmy, Jey, and Solo, promising an electrifying spectacle for wrestling fans worldwide.

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