WWE Legend Tips Off Execs About Stone Cold Steve Austin Star Power


WWE Legend Tips Off Execs About Stone Cold Steve Austin Star Power
WWE Legend Tips Off Execs About Stone Cold Steve Austin Star Power © WWE/YouTube

WWE icon Ricky Steamboat, known for his legendary career and contributions to the world of professional wrestling, has unveiled an intriguing backstage revelation. In a candid conversation with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter, Steamboat disclosed that he personally walked into the WCW office in 1994 to sing praises of none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The connection between Steamboat and Austin dates back to the early stages of Austin's career when he was gaining recognition in WCW. Their rivalry, which played out in the ring, showcased Stone Cold's burgeoning talents and set the stage for his ascent in the wrestling world.

Reflecting on this pivotal moment in their careers, Steamboat noted that after one of their matches, he was so impressed by Austin's potential that he felt compelled to approach the WCW office. Steamboat described Austin as possessing all the essential attributes required for success in the business – from a sharp wrestling mind to impeccable in-ring skills and an engaging personality.

Ricky's Austin Assessment

Steamboat shared his thoughts on that critical encounter, stating, "My very last match, I was working for WCW at the time in 1994, was with Steve Austin in Roanoke, Virginia, okay, and it was for the United States Championship.

That's when I hurt my back. Prior to that, I went into the office and said, 'This kid Austin, he's got it.' He's got the 'it' thing. You know, he knows what he's doing. He knows how to work. He's got great timing, and all his mechanics." Despite Steamboat's early retirement following his match with Austin, he expressed his satisfaction in witnessing Stone Cold Steve Austin's remarkable journey to becoming a bona fide megastar in WWE.

Austin's transformation into the iconic "Stone Cold" persona and the subsequent history-making moments firmly validated Steamboat's assessment of his potential. This revelation sheds light on the behind-the-scenes recognition of Austin's talent and serves as a testament to the astute eye for talent possessed by wrestling legends like Ricky Steamboat.

In related news, WWE legend Booker T has playfully reignited memories of a memorable encounter between himself and Stone Cold Steve Austin. In 2001, Booker T and Austin engaged in a chaotic brawl inside a grocery store, a moment etched in WWE history.

Booker T, now a prominent NXT broadcaster, jokingly issued a challenge for a rematch in the same grocery store, demonstrating the enduring charisma and camaraderie between wrestling icons.

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