Rhea Ripley says spanking isn't a punishment for Dominik Mysterio

Wrestling's Finest Prepare for a Showdown of Epic Proportions

by Noman Rasool
Rhea Ripley says spanking isn't a punishment for Dominik Mysterio
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In a highly anticipated showdown at No Mercy, the wrestling world witnessed Dominik Mysterio defend his North American Title against Trick Williams, with the enigmatic Dragon Lee serving as the special referee. This matchup was fraught with tension, as Lee and Mysterio had a history of animosity.

The bout took an unexpected turn when Mysterio attempted a super kick but inadvertently struck Dragon Lee instead. Chaos ensued as a replacement referee entered the ring, only to suffer a similar fate, leaving Mysterio resorting to desperate measures, attempting to use his title belt as a weapon.

However, Trick Williams seized the opportunity, delivering a devastating knee strike to Mysterio. Dragon Lee, regaining his composure, swiftly counted the pinfall, resulting in a title change. On a recent episode of Raw in San Jose, California, known as "The Judgment Day," tensions flared within the group as Rhea Ripley expressed her disappointment in Damian Priest over recent group issues.

Despite his troubles, Priest made it clear that he still possessed his championship title and the coveted Money In The Bank contract, while Mysterio had lost his North American Title. Rhea Ripley then turned her attention squarely towards Dominik Mysterio, making a bold announcement.

She revealed that she had successfully secured a rematch for Mysterio against Trick Williams for the North American Title, scheduled for the upcoming edition of NXT on October 3rd. Ripley issued a stern warning to Mysterio, stating that if he failed to recapture the championship, he shouldn't bother returning home.

Ripley's Playful Response

During this intense confrontation, one passionate fan in the audience couldn't help but shout, "Mami's gonna spank that ass." Ripley, known for her no-nonsense attitude, responded to the playful remark on social media, humorously noting that such a gesture wouldn't be considered a punishment in her books.

This appearance marked Rhea Ripley's return to Raw after a hiatus caused by an injury sustained during an encounter with Nia Jax. The evening began with Jax and Baszler engaging in a brawl, which quickly drew the attention of Raquel Rodriguez and Ripley, both seeking retribution against the imposing Jax.

In the world of professional wrestling, rivalries and grudges are often settled in the ring, and Dominik Mysterio's quest to regain his North American Title promises to be a headline-grabbing spectacle, with Rhea Ripley orchestrating the showdown that fans won't want to miss.

Stay tuned for the electrifying action set to unfold on October 3rd, as the wrestling world eagerly awaits the clash between Mysterio and Trick Williams.

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