Shane Douglas' Life-Threatening 45-Minute ECW Bout with Terry Funk

Wrestling's raw intensity took center stage in Douglas' recollections.

by Atia Mukhtar
Shane Douglas' Life-Threatening 45-Minute ECW Bout with Terry Funk
© WWE/YouTube

In a captivating recount on "Franchise University," Shane Douglas vividly remembers an iconic showdown he shared with the legendary Terry Funk in ECW. This legendary bout took place long after most believed Funk's glory days had passed, yet he astonished everyone by delivering an unmatched performance for the Philadelphia-based wrestling hub.

"It was a sight to behold," Douglas emphasized, reflecting on the resilience and sheer tenacity of Funk, despite the wear and tear of years in the wrestling ring. At that point in his career, Funk was keen on testing his limits, pushing the boundaries of physical endurance.

To Douglas' amazement, every bout with Funk seemed to eclipse the preceding one in sheer brilliance. Their notable clash in WWE, which spanned an intense 45 minutes, ended in a time-limit draw.

Douglas' Tense Anticipation

Recalling the day, Douglas painted a vivid picture: "When Terry walked into that arena, his every step seemed labored, almost painful.

There was this unsettling moment when I questioned how he'd perform, considering his apparent discomfort." Battling apprehensions about their collective physical state, Douglas forged ahead with the match. "It felt as if I was in a life-or-death struggle," he recalled.

What particularly left Douglas in awe was Funk's effortless chain wrestling. At a point in life when most would think of retirement, Funk showcased skills that Douglas admits he might not match now, despite being roughly at the age Funk was during their famed face-off.

"I feel I operate at about half the capacity I once did," Douglas stated lightheartedly. However, he took a moment to reflect on the term "legend", which, according to him, has been used quite liberally in recent times. "For me," Douglas declared, "Terry Funk embodies the essence of a 'legend.'

The way he battled physical challenges and yet delivered such a stellar performance in that lengthy bout is testament to his iconic status." The sentiments of the four-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion ring loud and clear, underscoring the legacy of Terry Funk and the indelible mark he left on the world of wrestling.

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