Road Dogg: 'Terrified' of Attitude Era WWE Icon


Road Dogg: 'Terrified' of Attitude Era WWE Icon
Road Dogg: 'Terrified' of Attitude Era WWE Icon © BKNY425/YouTube

The WWE Attitude Era was famed for its intimidating personas, with menacing figures like Kane and members of The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness taking center stage. However, it wasn't these theatrical villains that left Brian "Road Dogg" James in trepidation.

Instead, the real-life hard hitter Steve Blackman stood out as the one he genuinely feared. In a candid chat on the latest episode of "Oh... You Didn't Know," James shed light on why Blackman, devoid of a horror gimmick, was genuinely terrifying.

His apprehension only intensified after witnessing an altercation between Blackman and John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) at an airport. While some narratives about this skirmish may have been exaggerated, James didn’t want to take any chances with Blackman.

“Watching Steve Blackman, I was genuinely scared,” confessed James. “I was there during his fight with Bradshaw. Rumors circulated that someone was knocked unconscious and such, but that wasn’t the case.

Still, the atmosphere was tense, with JBL not faring too well."

Airport Brawl Chaos

A memorable moment from that incident, as James recounts, was when Blackman attempted a kick but found his foot entrapped in the baggage carousel.

The ensuing chaos saw luggage sent hurtling, further amplifying Road Dogg’s fear. “It might not have been the epic showdown some claim, but it was an undeniable confrontation. It was enough to unnerve me,” he added.

Steve Blackman wasn’t just another pro-wrestler. He was celebrated for his authentic shootfighting prowess. Such was the impact of Blackman's martial arts finesse that Bob Holly asserted that had Blackman participated, he would have been the undisputed champion of the Brawl for All tournament, a WWE endeavor to incorporate authentic combat sports into its programming.

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