Booker T Praises NXT Star's Unmatched Work Ethic


Booker T Praises NXT Star's Unmatched Work Ethic
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Wrestling icon Booker T recently shined a spotlight on the unparalleled dedication and commitment demonstrated by Ilja Dragunov in the "WWE NXT" arena. After witnessing his relentless determination, Dragunov was eventually crowned "NXT" Champion at the acclaimed No Mercy event.

In a candid conversation on "The Hall Of Fame," Booker T passionately described Dragunov as a reminder of the old-school wrestlers, who not only showcased their prowess inside the squared circle but also had an incredible flair for theatrics outside it.

"Ilja's charisma is palpable – from his demeanor, speech, attire to his captivating performances in the ring. He's the embodiment of a complete package," remarked Booker.

Booker's Dragunov Epiphany

Though the former five-time WCW Champion once harbored doubts about Dragunov's versatility in partnering with different wrestlers, these reservations were swiftly put to rest.

Throughout Booker's tenure as a commentator for the esteemed black and gold brand, Dragunov's unparalleled intensity and immersive fighting style consistently left an indelible impression. "The authenticity in his hard-hitting style often made me second-guess my whereabouts.

Being in this industry for so long, when someone evokes such feelings, you know he's transcending norms. He's a rare breed – unparalleled, extraordinary," Booker enthused. Since making his debut, Dragunov has remained an instrumental figure in the "NXT" saga.

Booker expressed his admiration for Dragunov's unwavering professionalism, particularly his discretion to avoid airing grievances online, choosing instead to channel his energy into his performances. This grit and unwavering spirit were evident when Dragunov clinched the championship.

As Booker T summarized, "Watching Ilja's meteoric rise and eventual claim to the title underscored the source of his fervor. He has an insatiable hunger for victory, striving always to be the pinnacle. In my book, he ranks among the best." With such high praise from a stalwart like Booker T, Ilja Dragunov's future in WWE NXT seems brighter than ever, and fans are eager to witness his journey unfold.

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