WWE Mick Foley Praises HollyHood Haley J's 'Sheer Honesty' from Netflix Show

Foley sheds light on rising star Haley J's journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Mick Foley Praises HollyHood Haley J's 'Sheer Honesty' from Netflix Show
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Wrestling legend, Mick Foley, recently shared his insights on the changing dynamics of the wrestling world, referencing the notable difference between his "Attitude Era" peers and the up-and-coming talent. On his podcast, "Foley Is Pod," he drew parallels between his own evolution in the sport and the iconic music band, LCD Soundsystem, suggesting a changing of the guard.

Discussing Netflix's latest offering, "The Wrestlers," which chronicles Al Snow and the journey of Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), Foley humorously remarked, "When did Al Snow evolve into someone who makes Squidward Tentacles seem elated? He seems to have adopted the demeanor of a grumpy elder, yet remains a captivating character." While Snow's choice of words might sometimes remind one of the classic Archie Bunker, Foley feels the ex-WWE European Champion has morphed into a guiding figure for the OVW locker room.

HollyHood Haley J, particularly, emerges as a central figure in the series, with her relationship with cannabis on show days drawing attention.

Mick Foley's Haley J Encounter

Recalling his encounter with Haley J at an independent wrestling event, Mick Foley noted, "She was completely immersed in her persona.

Whether she actually wrestled or not that day is a blur, but she introduced herself, leaving a lasting impression." As viewers follow her journey on "The Wrestlers," Foley commented on Haley J's undeniable charisma and appeal.

However, he remains uncertain about whether her unfiltered candidness on screen will serve as a boon or bane for her career. Haley J, who once held the OVW Women's Championship title, was scheduled for a WWE tryout last month.

However, for reasons not publicly disclosed, her opportunity was postponed. Despite this setback, reports suggest that the controversial wrestler will soon have another chance to seize the day and possibly join the WWE roster.

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