Roman Announced as Next Paul Heyman Guy: WWE Universe Buzzes

Recent NXT revelations spark intense WWE community buzz.

by Atia Mukhtar
Roman Announced as Next Paul Heyman Guy: WWE Universe Buzzes
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Recent developments in the world of WWE NXT have left fans both elated and puzzled. Following a jaw-dropping revelation on the latest installment of NXT, the WWE universe and aficionados took to Twitter in droves to share their reactions.

Heyman's NXT Shocker

Paul Heyman, currently embroiled in a fierce contention with John Cena as part of The Bloodline, stood out in the latest episode. While a bout between Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes for the upcoming week was anticipated, what truly sent shockwaves through the WWE community was the news that John Cena, The Cenation Leader himself, would be ringside to back Hayes.

In a corresponding move, Paul Heyman would be at Breakker's corner, a decision endorsed by none other than Roman Reigns. Prominent wrestling commentator, Wrestle Ops, relayed this surprising turn of events on Twitter, instantly becoming a focal point for fans to voice their opinions.

Speculations are rife. Many posit that Heyman might be paving the way to manage Bron Breakker in the not-so-distant future, suggesting this alliance may be the genesis of a new chapter. Meanwhile, the buzz about witnessing John Cena and Heyman in the same episode has added fuel to the already blazing excitement.

On a related note, in a fresh episode of UnSKripted, Lloyd Anoa'i delved into Paul Heyman's storied association with Roman Reigns. Reflecting on Heyman's illustrious journey, Anoa'i said, "From managing my brother and cousin as the Samoan Swat Team to their later alliances, and our stint with him in ECW, our paths with Paul have intertwined for years.

His impeccable synergy with Reigns during the 'Head of the Table' saga and previously with Brock Lesnar stands testament to his invaluable presence." Given the new twist in Heyman's allegiances, all eyes are now on Bron Breakker.

With Heyman seemingly on his side, the WWE fans are abuzz with anticipation, eager to discern what the future holds for this budding star.

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