Adam Copeland Eyes Dream Career Finale with Christian Cage

Edge Contemplates Career Closure with Lifelong Friend Christian

by Noman Rasool
Adam Copeland Eyes Dream Career Finale with Christian Cage
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In a heartfelt revelation, veteran professional wrestler Adam Copeland, widely recognized as Edge in the wrestling community, expresses his aspiration to culminate his illustrious career alongside his lifelong friend and fellow wrestler, Christian Cage (Jay Reso).

Copeland and Cage, whose kinship transcends their on-screen brotherhood in WWE, have constructed a legacy together since 1995, either as allies or adversaries, traversing through countless matches and numerous segments. Edge confided his professional yearnings and personal sentiments in a candid discussion with CBS Sports, elucidating how integral Christian has been to his wrestling journey and underscoring a desire for Christian to play a pivotal role in his eventual farewell from the industry, however that transpires.

Daughters Inspire Decision

The inception of this heartfelt decision emerged from a sincere conversation with his daughters. Edge shares, “I sat down with my girls and I’m like, ‘OK, so what does dad do, girls?’ What do I do?” When proposed with the scenarios, both daughters, Lyric and Ruby, unanimously espoused the idea of their dad, being with ‘Uncle Jay’ to indulge in the joyous moments they discern their father experiences most when in his company.

It was not until his contract expiration on September 21, that the wheels were decisively set in motion. A mere nine or ten days were all that was needed to expedite arrangements and fine-tune details, inclusive of coordinating with the rock band Alter Bridge and sorting the music.

Even amid the swiftness of these developments, Edge was introspective, acknowledging, “I didn’t know immediately, but I thought that’s where I wanted to go”. The assurance that resonated in his spouse Beth's inquiry, ‘What’s your perfect world?’ proffered clarity and manifested a potential reality, as Edge confessed, “My perfect world is that I end my career with Jay”.

Suddenly, the prospect of that utopia became tangible and irresistibly compelling. This heartwarming narrative not only exemplifies the profound bond shared between Copeland and Cage but also encapsulates a wrestler’s impassioned homage to not just a career but an era, signifying that sometimes, the most poignant goodbyes are the ones shared with those who’ve walked the longest journey with us.

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