Rhea Ripley Kiss with WWE Champ Upsets Fans: Buddy Matthews Reacts

Wrestling dynamics shift amid personal ties and injuries.

by Atia Mukhtar
Rhea Ripley Kiss with WWE Champ Upsets Fans: Buddy Matthews Reacts
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Dominik Mysterio, in a stunning victory, not only secured his second NXT North American Championship title this week by outpacing Trick Williams but also made headlines due to an unexpected post-match moment. Amid the celebration, Rhea Ripley, the WWE superstar, gave Dominik a congratulatory kiss on the cheek, a gesture that quickly took center stage on social media platforms.

While this act of camaraderie might have seemed innocent, it reminded many of Ripley's real-life relationship with AEW's Buddy Matthews. A flurry of reactions swept the internet, as fans pointed out the connection, transforming Dominik's celebratory tweet into a hotbed of speculations and comments.

Ripley-Matthews: AEW Intrigue

For those who are unaware, Rhea Ripley's relationship with Buddy Matthews has been a notable discussion point in the wrestling community. Moreover, recent developments in AEW have added more fuel to the fire.

It has been noted that Buddy Matthews' absence from AEW TV is linked directly to Ripley. As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, several factors have led members of the House of Black to take different paths post their AEW World Trios Championship loss to The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn at All In.

While Malakai Black grapples with injuries and Brody King handles a managerial role due to a broken hand, Buddy Matthews has temporarily shifted back to Australia, supporting Rhea during her injury period. The reason for Rhea's recent absence from TV traces back to a fierce altercation she had with Nia Jax on a RAW episode aired on September 11.

This tussle left her with bruised ribs, sidelining her for a recovery period. The kiss shared with Dominik Mysterio on TV indicates her return to the limelight, intensifying the buzz. With the spotlight firmly back on Ripley and her affiliations, fans eagerly anticipate Buddy Matthews' AEW comeback.

They're especially keen to see how the House of Black will make their presence felt in the future, especially in the pursuit of the AEW World Trios Championships. This intertwining of WWE and AEW narratives, through personal connections and on-screen actions, ensures the wrestling world remains abuzz with drama and suspense.

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